Criminals dressed in police uniforms raid Eastdene home

Yesterday morning, an Eastdene family was left traumatised after criminals dressed in police uniforms entered their home and robbed them.

Two of the suspects posed as police officers, wearing black tactical utility belts with guns, while the other suspect was only wearing a blue beanie with a SAPS badge.

The incident occurred just before 08:00.

The victims’ identities are known to the Middelburg Observer; however, they cannot be identified due to safety reasons.

According to reports, the suspects found the domestic worker taking out the rubbish bin.

They asked her where her employer was, and she told them that her boss was not at home.

The criminals accused her of lying and instructed her to open the gate and let them into the house.

Upon entering the property, the thieves reportedly tied up an employer’s hands and feet with cable ties.

The perpetrators then raided the house and made off with cash, jewellery, and a cellphone.

Fortunately, no one was harmed during the robbery.

• The news of the robbers posing as police officers has sent shockwaves through Middelburg and is the first incident of this kind to be reported, however, traffic groups regularly send alert messages to WhatsApp groups about the ‘Blue Light Gang’, which usually operates on the N12.

The gang is known for impersonating police officers and driving cars fitted with blue police lights.

They stop unsuspecting motorists and rob them of their belongings or hijack their vehicles.

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