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Faulty Gautrain replaced, commuters delayed

MIDRAND - Gautrain commuters at Marlboro and Midrand stations where delayed at around 8am on 3 October when Gautrain management replaced a faulty train at Marlboro station.

Commuters at the Gautrain station in Marlboro were unfazed by the delay, with one passenger, who did not wish to be named, saying that the train stopped on the track so Gautrain officials had to move the train from one track to another. He said, “There was temporary delay but it took five to 10-minutes to sort out.”

Gautrain management said the trains were delayed as trains were only working on a single track as they replaced the faulty train.

A commuter in Midrand said that it was “chaos” and estimated that they were delayed about 20-minutes. The commuter also said that the train stopped on its tracks often too but said these stops were planned.

It is unclear when both tracks will be operational again.

3 October, 8.22am:

Angry commuters took to Twitter to complain that Gautrain had again announced that they apologised for any inconvenience caused to passengers. On commuter said Gautrain was “once again proving to be unreliable”.

Gautrain management announced that they needed to replace a faulty train.

The Gautrain management further said that trains running between Marlboro and Midrand were using a single line and therefore the speed of the trains was delayed. The airport line was unaffected.

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