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Meet the rhino-saving Parabot

JOBURG - Rhino defender and enemy of poachers, Parabot, made an appearance at the Rand Show 2015 and watched over the visitors of the exhibition.

Parabot is a robot standing almost 10 meters tall and was developed to showcase the defence technologies that have been implemented by South Africa to fight all the threats to the already-diminishing wildlife population.

The ‘super hero’ was created from a Mbombe 6 armoured vehicle.

“Parabot is a symbol of resistance, a symbol of the fight back, and a message to the criminal gangs who are behind the slaughter that we will not give up on Africa’s wildlife heritage,” says Eric Ichikowitz, marketing director of Paramount Group.

“The defence industry is in a unique position to strengthen conservation efforts.”

“We have technologies and equipment that are making a real difference.”

Paramount Group and a charitable foundation, the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, have partnered up to find new and innovative ways to contribute and support national parks, by developing and promoting Parabot.

Parabot was present at the Rand Show 2015 to encourage guests to make a rhino pledge and place their handprint on the Mbombe-armoured vehicle that stood at his feet.

It was a good cause that saw many people pledging to save the rhinos.

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