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Young marketer inlove with horses

Passionate horse rider and market lover Channon Taylor says she will push through her two passions simultaneously as it is difficult for her to choose between them.

Young entrepreneur Channon Taylor describes herself as a results-driven person and she has recently developed a love for attending various markets around her area.

Channon (14), who sells various garden ornaments and decorations made from old metal around President Park AH markets, says she wants to save up money to visit her friend in the United Kingdom next year.

If she is not at home or school in Summerhill School, Channon, a Grade 9 learner, spends her time horse riding with her friends twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays) in Randjesfontein.

The teenage girl said she started taking horse riding seriously around October 2020 and she is proud of her achievements so far.

Horse riding lover Channon Taylor rides her horse in Fourways.

Although she has been interested in horses before, Channon first fell in love with them when she used to visit her aunt – who owns horses – in Durban during school holidays.

“At first I had to ask my parents if I could start [horse] riding but they took long before they allowed me. So, when I first started, I was nervous about it and I didn’t like it, but now I am comfortable and I love spending my time riding twice a week. That’s how much I love horse riding.”

She said one day when she’s older, she would like to own horses and open a riding school for kids but for now she only does it as a hobby.

Channon Taylor performs in pony horse riding in Fourways.

Channon recently participated in the pony club competition representing Gauteng on the weekend of August 28 and 29 in Fourways, and if all goes well, she will represent South Africa.

Asked about bigger plans for her sculptured decorations, she said she will see how the market goes, and if things don’t go well there, then she will start selling her products online.

“The idea came about three years ago when I was with my mom [Leanne Taylor]in the garden and I asked her if I can do such decorations and she agreed. So my dad [Desmond Taylor] helps me with old metals that he is no longer using and he also helps me with wielding the decorations that needs wielding and drilling”.

Wine stands and garden ornaments are some of the many decorations that Channon Taylor makes to sell at community markets. Photo: Sphiwe Masilela

She said depending on the outcome at the Glen Austin Community Village Market, her plan was to move around different markets to try to sell more of her decorations.

Channon concluded that if young people like her have business ideas, then they should go for it and always ask for their parent’s permission first.

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