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26 Mar 2014
9:00 pm

Time to ditch the car and climb aboard the Vespa

Citizen Reporter

When Enrico Piaggio revealed the first Vespa in 1946, it gave the post-World War II financially struggling masses newfound freedom and mobility.

Now, almost 70 years later, Vespa continues to provide affordable mobility to South Africans as they face escalating living costs.

“With the fuel price expected to reach the R16 per litre mark in the medium term and motorists feeling the pinch from exorbitant e-toll fees, the financial burden of driving a car is becoming increasingly difficult to bear,” says Director of Vespa SA, Andy Reid.

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The impending petrol price increase could mean motorists will be paying over R100 more per tank of fuel.

“The average motorist who drives a 42- litre car paid about R570 for a tank of petrol at the beginning of the year, could soon be paying over R670 for the same amount of fuel. If they fill up once a week that amounts to an extra R400 every month,” says Reid.

When you add toll fees to this the situation is particullrly bleak.

According to Reid, there’s never been a better time to consider two wheels instead of four.

“Riding a Vespa can save the average commuter well over R2 000 per month. The average sedan commuting 65km per day, using one litre of petrol per nine kilometres costs R2 400 more than a Vespa,” says Reid. To see exactly how much you could be saving check out the Vespa Fuel Calculator.

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While two-wheelers receive a discount on e-toll fees, Reid says riding a Vespa means you can actually avoid e-tolls altogether.

“Many motorists have been trying to avoid e-tolls by taking the back routes. The result is that these roads are more congested than ever – adding precious time to the daily commute,” says Reid. “On a Vespa though, every road is an open road as you zip through traffic.”

Vespa also offers complimentary riding lessons for all aspiring riders – and even helps them to obtain their licences. “You don’t have to commit to buying a Vespa to benefit from our free training. But we’re confident that once you get behind the handlebars of a Vespa you won’t settle for anything less,” says Reid.

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