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25 Jul 2018
8:00 am

Range Rover Sport goes green

Motoring Reporter

The new model will be available in SA in November with pricing to be announced.

Range Rover Sport has always combined the refinement and capability of a large SUV with the performance of a sports car.


With this latest update, designed to enhance the driving experience and customer convenience, the Range Rover Sport continues to be the benchmark luxurious performance SUV.

Customers will have the two diesels and three petrol engines alongside the efficient new P400e plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain with a 51km all-electric range.

The P400e is the most efficient Range Rover Sport and combines an advanced 221kW four-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine with an 85kW electric motor.

This transformational technology is powered by an advanced 13.1kWh lithium ion battery giving a total available power output of 297kW from the permanent four-wheel drive system.

Together they drive Land Rover’s performance SUV from 0-100km/h in just 6.7 seconds and to a claimed top speed of 220km/h.


With an impressive 640Nm of torque, the powertrain mixes dynamic and sustainable performance with traditional Range Rover capability, comfort and refinement.

The P400e delivers CO2 emissions of 73g/km and fuel economy of up to 3.2-litres per 100km it is said.

The intelligent system can also capture and store the energy generated when braking to help recharge the battery.

The combination of Ingenium petrol and electric power can be used in two driving modes: Parallel Hybrid mode (the default driving mode) and EV (Electric Vehicle) mode.

In Parallel Hybrid mode the PHEV model can intelligently and seamlessly combine the two power sources to deliver efficient progress.

By using its electrical energy reserves intelligently, the P400e always has the power and capability customers demand from a Range Rover Sport.

On longer journeys, customers can use the SAVE function to deploy the EV-only range for a specific part of their journey. For example, when entering congested urban areas.


In EV mode the P400e can be driven up to 51km with zero-emissions when fully charged.

This driving mode is manually selected using a button on the console and gives the new PHEV model a top speed of 137km/h while its generous range will allow drivers to complete most commutes without engaging the petrol engine.

The access point for the 7kW on-board recharging socket is located behind the Land Rover badge on the right of the grille, at the front of the vehicle, while the 13.1kWh prism-shaped lithium-ion battery is mounted at the rear beneath the boot floor.

A full charge can be achieved in approximately 7.5 hours which makes the Range Rover Sport P400e ideal for overnight battery top-ups using a domestic plug socket.

The PHEV model is available with two types of cable and includes a home charging lead, which connects to domestic power supplies, as standard.

Faster charging performance can be achieved with a public charging cable, compatible with AC wall boxes installed at domestic and business premises and service stations.


This can reduce the charge time to as little as 2 hours 45 minutes.

Timed charging is also available via the Range Rover Sport’s state-of-the-art infotainment system, which allows owners to choose the most appropriate time to begin charging – perfect for customers who want to plug in when they return home but want to wait until a cheaper energy tariff is available.

Owners can monitor the charging status via two illuminated strips that sit either side of the charging socket.

A white light signifies the vehicle is connected and charging has not started, while a blue light shows that timed charging is set.

A flashing green signal shows the car is charging, while a solid green light indicates the battery is full.

Customers can use InControl app technology to monitor the charge status wherever they are, receiving alerts if there is an error, or the cable has been removed.

The upgraded Range Rover Sport line-up, including the new P400e, will be available in South Africa in November with pricing to be announced closer to the time.