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7 Aug 2018
10:48 am

Suzuki Baleno could be sold as a Toyota

Motoring Reporter

The two companies have reached an agreement regarding the first cross-badged car.

A report by an Indian publication, Livemint, has revealed that Toyota and Suzuki have signed a joint deal on a couple of projects to benefit both Japanese automakers.

Set to start towards the end of May next year, the tie-up is about Suzuki developing a new engine with tech assistance from Toyota and Denso, and it also stipulates Toyota will be able to sell cars engineered and manufactured by Suzuki.

According to the publication, the two companies have reached an agreement regarding the first cross-badged car.

The Baleno will get the Toyota badge in India where 20,000 to 25,000 cars will be supplied by Suzuki from its factory located in Gujarat.

Aside from switching logos, the five-door hatchback will go through some subtle design changes, such as modestly revised headlights and taillights along with an updated front grille.

It is still not clear whether this affects our market, but it is believed the Toyota Baleno will go on sale in the first quarter of the next financial year.

Suzuki and Toyota have refused to issue an official response about the report.

Speaking about it, speculations suggest the Baleno won’t be the only car to be sold under two different brands, as Suzuki will also allow Toyota to sell the Vitara small crossover, while the Corolla sedan is going to carry the Suzuki logo in India.

The partnership between the two companies is not entirely limited to the Indian market, though, so we might as well see a Toyota Vitara.