Glen Hill
1 minute read
23 Jul 2014
10:00 am

Alfa Romeo a bargain supercar

Glen Hill

When Alfa Romeo promised an affordable supercar there were many who had their doubts, and in any event how affordable is affordable when it comes to supercar territory?

Well all has now been revealed and Alfa have remained true to their word – and their roots. At R870 000 the Alfa 4C is a screaming bargain by supercar standards, but is it a supercar?

Well there is no hard and fast definition, but the 4C is certainly a super car.

Alfa are claiming a 0-100km/h time of 4,5 seconds and a top speed of 258km/h so in terms of out and out performance it is in the ball park. But it is the broader performance that makes the Alfa 4C so special. The car is extremely light at 895kg, and everything about it is extremely direct.

Direct steering, sharp acceleration and even sharper steering. It is a true driver’s car and one that Alfa purists will be rightfully proud of.

Driving it at Kyalami racetrack proved this point as the 4C responded to every input, good or bad, instantly. The evolution of even performance cars has made this experience all too rare and for those who really love their track days the 4C will be hard to beat.

Unfortunately if you have not yet decided whether you want one it is too late, all 30 allocated to South Africa are already sold. Perhaps next year though.

Equipment – Alfa Romeo 4C

Technical Specifications – Alfa Romeo 4C

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