Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
1 minute read
27 Sep 2019
10:21 am

BMW M5 engine facing possible upgrade for rumoured CS

Charl Bosch

The S68 could be used to power the rumoured CS version of the F90 M5.

Although production of its V12 engine in the M760Li will cease when the current generation 7 Series bows out next year or in 2021, a fresh report has alleged that BMW is working on an updated version of its N63/S63 V8 engine that will debut in around three years’ time.

According to the BMW Blog, the motor will undergo a series of extreme revisions and become the S68, with a further rumour being a switch to electrification as mentioned in June by then newly appointed M boss, Markus Flasch.

The M connection comes from the fact that the S63 is currently powering the BMW M5 and M8, but based on alleged sources with knowledge of the new engine, the S68 could be used to power the rumoured CS version of the F90 M5, which will likely be introduced only in 2021 or later as the regular 5 Series will receive a mid-life facelift next year.

While exact details of the S68 are otherwise unknown, its heading-up of the M5 line-up and supposed electrification will see it surpass the 460 kW produced by the M5 Competition. As it stands, 460 kW equates to 625 PS which could be hiked by an additional 25 PS or 18 kW for a total of 650 PS or 478 kW. It is worth noting though that the mentioned output is purely speculative and that the final amount of twist remains unconfirmed.

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