Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
4 minute read
20 Nov 2019
9:23 am

New Mercedes-Benz CLA finally the mini-CLS you want

Charl Bosch

In the case of our 200 tester, the gloves had been taken off completely as it came specced with every optional extra you could have.

In an extensive resume that includes the creation of the world’s first mass produced automobile, the Benz Patent Motorwagen, the supposed first super car in the shape of the 300 SL “Gullwing” and more recently, the S-Class that is acknowledged as the preview model for future technologies, it is hard not to associate Mercedes-Benz in the creation of niches. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term ‘‘niche’’ is defined as ‘‘a position that is suitable for a small group of the same type’’, or offering a ‘‘product that is not offered by others’’. In the automotive world though, the latter...