Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
30 Jan 2020
8:52 am

Volkswagen T-Cross lives up to the hype

Charl Bosch

The 85kW/200Nm delivered by the 1.0 TSI engine resulted in the junior “Tiggie” feeling punchy and light on its feet.

When it comes to the decision of choosing a name for any vehicle, you can be guaranteed that Volkswagen has faced some tough decisions in its successful and often chequered past when defining what they view as the ideal “people’s car’’. Of course, while Wolfsburg’s name originally referred to a single model, the pre-WW II KdF-Wagen that became the Beetle, it has broadened its horisons since then in setting out to create not only a single car for the masses, but an entire range of models stretching from the up! to the Constellation truck. Seven decades on from the Beetle...