Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
5 minute read
31 Mar 2020
7:29 am

From start to finish: Reghard Roets

Andre De Kock

"I promised myself to never become that complacent about the huge privilege of being able to indulge in this wonderful thing called race car driving".

Experts do not often agree about motorsport specifics, or which attributes mark great drivers. One thing they do share though, is the knowledge that regular seat time is necessary to be even just a competent race car occupant. It makes sense - just like playing tennis, golf or the piano well, the intricate art of guiding a violently fast vehicle through a complex ribbon of road quickly and efficiently takes a lot of practice. The more you compete, the better you race – that is the rule, with no exceptions. And then, we have Reghard Roets. At the age of 46,...