Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
22 May 2020
7:14 am

The American diesel dream that never was

Charl Bosch

The initial successes were not to last though and very soon, the Olds diesel is it become known, started exploding.

On course to become mandatory in 2026, the Euro 7 emissions regulations have already started sinking its teeth into Europe’s automotive landscape. In short, the most stringent of measures to be implemented since Euro 1 twenty-seven years ago, will call for manufactures to have a corporate fleet average of 95g/km CO2 across their product range, or face a fine if the target is not met. With numerous cities calling for the banning of all internal combustion engines over the next 15 years, manufactures have started turning towards electrification in order to comply with not only the average, but also the...