Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
25 Jun 2020
6:30 am

Long-term: Outrunning Covid-19, GTI-style

Charl Bosch

Being adverse to any kind of Eco mode, the GTI’s biggest achievement was its consumption.

Our long term Volkswagen Polo GTI has been clocking up the mileage since its introduction in May, with the most recent being a visit to Gerotek where its performance credentials was put to the test. Before colleague Mark Jones was afforded the opportunity to grab junior by the scruff of its neck though, his findings being revealed next month, a more pressing matter presented itself, namely, and unsurprisingly, the Coronavirus. Not long after our Pure White tyke’s arrival, the announcement was made that South Africa was preparing to go into lockdown for an initial period of three weeks which has...