Motoring Correspondent
3 minute read
11 May 2021
8:34 am

Used electric cars make sense, but it’s still too pricey

Motoring Correspondent

Even pre-owned bargains way out of average buyer’s league.

BMW i3

Prices of pre-owned electric vehicles (EVs) on AutoTrader show some models losing significant value in the first twelve months after registration. Although this might be bad news for those who bought new, it does give a handful of shrewd buyers the opportunity to buy EVs at much reduced prices. But the reality is that even in the pre-owned market EVs are still priced well beyond the average motorist’s car budget. Only four EV model ranges are available new in South Africa: the Mini Cooper S-E, BMW i3, Jaguar I-Pace and Porsche Taycan. The Nissan Leaf is no longer available since...