John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
4 minute read
23 Jun 2021
8:18 am

FLOYD ON F1: Tyred of all the rubber drama

John Floyd

The F1 show goes on despite the official word from tyre manufacturer Pirelli not too clear as to what caused blowouts in Baku.

It seems that lower than prescribed tyre pressures caused the blowouts in Baku. Picture Getty Images

It was reported teams would be subjected to a new system of checking tyres during the F1 French Grand Prix last weekend at the Paul Ricard circuit. This follows the result of the Pirelli and FIA investigation into tyre failures experienced by Aston Martin and Red Bull in Baku. But it has led to one of the strangest decisions made for some years, almost akin to the Ferrari power unit investigation of 2018. That took a year to resolve and to this day no one outside Maranello and the FIA has any idea what the real issue was, since the...