John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
3 minute read
30 Jun 2021
8:27 am

FLOYD ON F1: Are Red Bull’s wings being clipped?

John Floyd

F1 constructor championship leaders Red Bull's pit crew and their speedy tyre changes has become the latest talking point in our favourite soap opera.

Red Bull's speedy pit stops have become the latest F1 talking point this season. Picture: AFP

Before I get into F1, allow me to tell you about something that's always been a mystery to me. The popularity of radio or television soap operas. As a youngster I was subjected to weekly, or sometimes daily, sagas, concerning the intricacies of other people’s lives at home or in the workplace. Many of these featured the daily rounds of the average fictional family right down to the most minute details of inane behaviour. Many people enjoy such entertainment, but the need to ensure the listener or viewer remains loyal has led to scenarios stretching the imagination to a state of...