Motoring Correspondent
2 minute read
22 Jul 2021
8:18 am

Car buyers desiring a BMW likely to end up with a Toyota

Motoring Correspondent

When push comes to shove, pre-owned vehicle online shoppers settle for mainstream brands after initially showing interest in premium cars.

New Toyota Corolla Sedan

Stopping to take a closer look at the BMW before taking the Toyota for a test drive It’s the same as strolling through the local grocery store and eyeing a jar of caviar. Since you’re in a shop that stocks some high-end products, you soon have an expensive jar nestled in the centre of your basket. But by the time you’ve reached the pay point, you’ve realised the financial ramifications of such a purchase and have swapped out the seafood delicacy for a more practical – and affordable - can of tuna. This is a familiar occurrence in the online...