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21 Oct 2015
5:00 pm

Fun, style and comfort with the Honda VFR800X

Motoring Reporter

Honda's premium adventure sports tourer evolves substantially for 2015, with a host of upgrades designed to deliver more hard-riding excitement.

The Honda VFR800X. Picture: Supplied

It features more mid-range torque and top-end power from its upgraded V4-VTEC engine, sharper adventure styling plus refined ergonomics and longer travel suspension, new wheels and brakes. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system, ABS, full LED lighting, five-stage heated grips, self-cancelling indicators and a height-adjustable seat are all fitted as standard.

The 2015 VFR800X Crossrunner – incorporating many elements from the 2014 VFR800F – strongly pushes the Crossrunner concept forward, with a clear focus on performance and technology. Its revised engine and chassis, HSTC, LED lights, refined, more upright riding position and sharper styling improve both function and form to create a practical all-purpose motorcycle with sharp V4 edge for excitement with every ride.

Core of the VFR800X Crossrunner is its 90 degree V4-VTEC DOHC 16 valve engine. It packs boosted low and mid-range torque for a fluid, effortless drive plus improved top-end power compared to the previous model, and features a new 4-2-1-1 exhaust similar to the new VFR800F.

In addition, the VFR800X Crossrunner rider now benefits from Honda Selectable Torque Control system (HSTC) – similar to that fitted to its big brother VFR1200X Crosstourer. If the system senses an imminent loss of rear wheel traction, it seamlessly reduces torque to allow the tyre to grip. Two levels of HSTC are available (plus off) and mode selection appears within the LCD instrumentation.

The Honda VFR800X. Picture: Supplied

The Honda VFR800X. Picture: Supplied

The evocative aluminium twin-beam frame features a revised subframe, while the single-sided aluminium swingarm – another VFR signature piece – is stiffer and lighter. Visually identical to the VFR800F, the VFR800X Crossrunner’s suspension has longer travel: 25mm in the two-piece telescopic forks and 28mm in the rear shock. ABS is fitted as standard and the front 17-inch hollow-cast aluminium wheel is fitted with dual 310mm discs, worked by radial-mount four-piston calipers.

The VFR800X is a motorcycle designed for hard riding fun, but with style, comfort and practicality. Accordingly, the seat is now adjustable, offering two height options, and five-stage heated grips and Honda’s self-cancelling indicators are both fitted as standard. New, full LED lighting adds a distinct presence and premium finishing touch.

A quickshifter is available as a Honda Genuine accessory. Operated by a shift switch attached to the gear lever, it plugs directly into the ECU and on detection of an upward gear change momentarily restrains the engine’s fuel injection and ignition.

The new VFR800X is available at all authorised Honda wing dealerships countrywide at a suggested retail price of R141 990. The pricing includes a two-year unlimited mileage warranty and one-year roadside assistance.