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By Mark Jones

Road Test Editor

BMW M Performance Parts and retrofitted adrenaline

Taking on the Bridgestone Tarlton Gymkhana with the newly upgraded coupe.

Two things have happened since we spoke a month ago. Firstly, the winning continues with my long-term BMW M4 Coupe and the BMW M Performance Parts exhaust system has been fitted.

Let’s talk about the exhaust system first, because at R53 740 for the system and R23 460, VAT included, for the four carbon fibre tailpieces, it is the best sounding value for money upgrade you could do to your M car.

It totally adds that required level of aggression to an already class-leading package. The M4 now certainly has the bark to match its bite.

The BMW brand as you know stands for dynamics, innovative technologies and decades of motorsport experience. BMW M Performance Parts transfer that knowledge from the racetrack to the street, with motorplan approved retrofit components that cover aerodynamics, drivetrain, interior and chassis so you can upgrade the uncompromising sportiness of your BMW.

This is achieved by combining the best materials available with a highly sophisticated development and production process and comprehensive quality testing. To ensure the perfect interplay between function and design, all components are precisely attuned to the individual BMW model.

The bottom line is the BMW M Performance Parts exhaust is cutting-edge technology that can be heard with that incredibly distinctive motorsport sound I have already mentioned. And you choose your level of grumpiness by choosing from three different modes, using the M button on the steering wheel.

The Sport and Sport+ modes create an impressive sound, while the Efficient mode provides a sporty intensity still suitable for everyday driving. The silencer is made of motorsport-ready titanium and on my car, the tailpipe trim is finished in carbon fibre and features the BMW M logo for that perfect final touch.

To find out more about the full range of BMW M Performance Parts, you can visitbmw.co.za/BMWMPerformance or simply pop into your nearest dealer and they will happily help you take your BMW to the next level.

Let’s move on to the Speed and Sound Magazine Bridgestone Tarlton Gymkhana held recently…

There was quite an air of anticipation, as 52 trophy-hungry contenders in some rather impressive machinery arrived at Tarlton Raceway to do battle around the long and tricky cone guided track that finishes off with a run down the quarter mile for the fastest average time of the three runs on the day.

I started slowly with a decent 65.52-sec first run to get a feel for the grip on a surface that goes from tar to concrete and back and ends on slippery, unprepared drag strip tar. Also, hit a cone – and there were hundreds of them – and you are given a two-second penalty.

I upped the pace in the second run and I recorded a good 64.80-sec run, but hard charging second place man, Jozo Bosnjak in his BMW F80 M3, made up for his slow first run and put in a quick 63.88 and took almost one second back from me.

The ever-competitive third placed man, Varish Ganpath, was keeping us both honest with his consistent runs of 65 seconds. It was all down to the last run of the day. I managed to put in a great clean run and finished with a time of 63.33 secs. Bosnjak recorded his quickest time of the day – a 63.51 sec – but it was not enough, while Ganpath stayed firmly in third spot with another consistent run.

My effort was good enough to take the title of fastest BMW of the day and the class win at the same time. The next update on my time with the BMW M4 will be on December 9 in Citizen Motoring, and this will be a full road test of the car at Gerotek.

You can follow me on @markjonesZA23 and you will find the BMW Car Club Gauteng’s happenings at bmwcarclub.co.za and more information on BMW on bmw.co.za.

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