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S-Class inspired facelift Mercedes-Benz EQS officially revealed

Three-pointed star's flagship electric sedan will make its first public showing at the Auto China Expo on 24 April.

Mercedes-Benz has sprung an unexpected surprise by removing the wraps from the facelift EQS ahead of its world debut at the Auto China Expo in Beijing later this month.

“S-Class electric”

The initiator of the EQ brand, reportedly on the chopping block this year, the mid-life overhaul sees the EQS now bearing a resemblance to the S-Class as a result of the EQ specific facia bowing out in favour of a design similar to the latter.

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A styling method that could potentially be applied to the EQA, EQB, EQC and EQE come their respective updates, the EQS remains dimensionally unchanged, but as mentioned, receives a sealed take on the S-Class’ grille complete with real chrome slates and the three-pointed star on top of the bonnet.

Mercedes-Benz put S-Class spin on facelift EQS
No changes have seemingly taken place at the rear. Image: Mercedes-Benz

Besides the addition of a galvanised chrome around the side windows, the rest of the exterior continues without change, the same applying to the rear facia and the EVA platform.


Inside, the changes are equally as small and don’t extend to the standard 12.3-inch instrument cluster and the 12.8-inch MBUX infotainment system, or the corner-to-corner optional 56-inch Hyperscreen.

Mercedes-Benz put S-Class spin on facelift EQS
Expansive 56-inch Hyperscreen display remains a cost option. Image: Mercedes-Benz

Instead, an added rear cushion and Nappa leather feature, along with what Mercedes-Benz calls the Rear Comfort Package Plus.

Mercedes-Benz put S-Class spin on facelift EQS
Key aspect of the rear is the Rear Comfort Package Plus that allows the backrests to recline by as much as 38-degrees. Image: Mercedes-Benz

An option over the standard package of the same name that omits the “Plus” suffix, the setup consists of a slanted footrest, backrests able to recline 38-degrees, more padding for the backrests themselves, and the option of a neck warmer similar to those used on the cabriolet versions of the CLE and SL.

Mercedes-Benz put S-Class spin on facelift EQS
Pair of 11.6-inch MBUX displays forms part of the optional rear seat entertainment system. Image: Mercedes-Benz

New on the standard Rear Comfort Package are upgraded seat covers and backrests that recline between 27 to 36-degrees.

Bigger battery

Set to be detailed more thoroughly in Beijing, up front, Stuttgart has made the biggest change by upping the capacity of the battery pack in the EQS 450 from 107.4-kWh to 118-kWh, resulting in a range increase of 11% from 717 km to 799 km.

While no power figures were revealed, the uprated battery has seemingly also been fitted to the step-up EQS 450+, whose range now tops out at 822 km from a previously claimed 770 km. Conversely, no mentioning was made of the EQS 580 or the AMG-tuned EQS 53.

Not yet for South Africa

Set to go on-sale only after its debut in Beijing, pricing for the EQS wasn’t disclosed, with the same applying to availability for the South African market.

Should approval be given though, expect the updated EQS to only arrive on local soil either towards the end of the year or in early 2025.

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