Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
15 Jan 2020
10:35 am

Green hearted Range Rover Sport skips a compromised beat

Charl Bosch

Uncertainties such as our current state of electricity supply will sadly put a damper on the P400e.

When it comes to the business of luxury off-roaders, it is almost guaranteed that reference will be made to the Range Rover at some point. Envisioned by its creator, Charles Spencer King, as a more comfortable alternative to the Land Rover, it rapidly evolved from a basic mud-plugger to an ultra-luxurious statement that still serves as the pinnacle of the luxury SUV in spite of having been eclipsed by offerings from Bentley and more recently, Rolls-Royce. As noteworthy as the Range Rover’s rise has been since its debut in 1970, it has not been immune to criticism with King himself...