Jaco Van Der Merwe
Head of Motoring
6 minute read
14 Jan 2021
7:22 am

New diesel engine rejuvenates Land Cruiser Prado

Jaco Van Der Merwe

Toyota has found another gear to make this unique seven-seater more appealing.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2.8 GD-6 VX.L

The adage “if ain’t broke don’t fix it” sums up Toyota’s philosophy on its renowned Land Cruiser offerings. Whether it’s the 70-series, the 200-series or the Prado, it’s like the current line-ups have been around forever, barring a few tweaks here and there over the years. And judging by their popularity, Toyota has good reason to keep the faith in its tried and trusted recipes. In December, Toyota sold 567 vehicles locally bearing a Land Cruiser badge. To place this into context, the Land Cruiser alone ranked 15th in terms of new sales on the list of top selling manufacturers,...