John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
2 minute read
13 Oct 2021
8:54 am

FLOYD ON F1: Power(unit) struggle leaves a lot of questions

John Floyd

Championship could well be decided on penalties relating to powerunits.

F1 Drivers’ Championship leader Max Verstappen is already on his fourth engine with six races left I the 2021 season.(Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

The concept of Formula One budget caps has its merits, but I can’t understand the limitation on the number of powerunits each team can use within the season. Three is a nice round number, I suppose. Anything beyond that becomes subject to grid penalties and surely places strain on the limited financial situation, but without power units the cars go nowhere. Most teams have already used four units and incurred the penalty, yet we still have six races to go to complete the season. If we take an average of 30 6km per race, with 11 races from the start...