Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
2 minute read
8 Feb 2016
1:45 pm

Drifting at The Rock Raceway

Andre De Kock

Sideways action set to thrill in Brakpan on Saturday.

This year’s Cambees Midas South African Drifting Championship will kick off at The Rock Raceway in Brakpan on Saturday, with some 15 contenders from all over South Africa and Mozambique taking part.

Competitors will tackle a variety of track layouts within the confines of the venue’s oval circuit, both individually and as pairs.

The circuit gates will be open from 10am, with practice sessions for all the competitors.

The official competition will get under way at 4pm, running into darkness under the venue’s massive spraylights.

Admission will cost R65 per adult and R30 per child between the ages of six and 12 years.

On Sunday, the circuit will offer a round of the Bandit Street 2 Strip Drag series.

This is open to all owners of street legal cars.

It costs just R50 to compete – you simply turn up with your car, a crash helmet, and make your way to the pits.

It is straight-forward, old-fashioned drag racing, with refreshingly few rules.

You choose who you wish to race against, challenge them, and make your way to the startline.

The organizers do not impose any regulations – they simply start the races over 200 metres, and there are no handicaps, electronic timing devices or, indeed, published times.

Whoever reaches the finish line first, wins, and you can do as many or as few runs as takes your fancy.

Backing the dar racing will be a Bass Triggers Sound-Off contest, trying to find the loudest sound system in any car.

Competing will cost R150 per vehicle.

There will also be a rolling Dyno for car owners who want to test their vehicles’ power output at R50 a run.

The venue gates will open at 3pm, with racing to commence at 4pm.

Admission will cost R30 per adult and R20  for kids between six and 12.

Food and drink will be on sale on both days or you may take your own, with parking free, plentiful and patrolled.

To find out more contact the circuit office at O11 740 8315 / 740 1206, or Abie Sada on 082 453 8271. You could also send an e-mail to