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Five tips to prevent becoming another hijacking statistic

South Africa's most recent hijacking stats reveals that a vehicle is stolen every 13 minutes.

It is a sad fact that while known for a variety of things ranging from natural splendour to significant historic monuments, South Africa is renowned for its high crime rate, including vehicle hijackings.

In fact, statistics compiled by the South African Police Service revealed that 9 600 vehicles ranging from cars to motorbikes were stolen in 2022, a figure which amounts to a theft every 13 minutes.

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According to Wynand van Vuuren, Client Experience Partner at King Price Insurance, South Africans should take note of the following in order to keep their car or motorbike safe from criminals:

Park in a safe place

“Where you park your car is one of the biggest factors in keeping your wheels safe. If you have to park in public, choose a well-lit and busy area, with plenty of pedestrian activity,” Van Vuuren advises.

“At home, install a motion detector light if you park your car in the driveway overnight – thieves prefer to work in the dark. You could even consider installing CCTV to watch over your wheels.”

Tracking progressing

Although not something many South Africans tend to pay attention to, most likely as a result of installation and additional fees, Van Vuuren states that a tracking system remains an addition that needs to be taken seriously.

“It won’t prevent your car from being stolen, but it can certainly improve your chances of recovering it.”

Unattractiveness matters

“If you carry valuables, like laptops and even bags of shopping, lock them out of sight in the boot. You shouldn’t even leave loose change in your centre console,” Van Vuuren says.

Signal block

With signal jamming relating to a vehicle’s central locking system continuing to escalate, especially with often targeted newer vehicles brandishing keyless entry and start, Van Vuuren states that investing in a key job guard should be considered.

“It’s lined with metallic material that helps block key fob signals, thereby preventing criminals from intercepting the signal and opening the car easily when you’re gone. Or you could just deactivate the keyless function,” he says.

Don’t be caught without insurance

“Nobody likes paying insurance premiums – but insurance will quickly be your best friend if your car is stolen, and you need to replace it. Ask yourself: Could I cover the financial loss if my car is stolen tomorrow? If the answer is no, get insurance,” Van Vuuren warns.

Keep your eyes open

“If you think you’re being followed, don’t turn into your driveway. Drive to a police station or a safe place. And keep your windows up when you’re stopped at an intersection,” he concludes.

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