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24 Aug 2021
10:00 am

WATCH: US man scores perfect slam dunk by hitting a basketball with hammer

Citizen Reporter

This is the moment a trickshot specialist scores a perfect slam dunk from 115 feet away by hitting a basketball -- with a HAMMER

US man scores a perfect slam dunk from 115 feet away by hitting a basketball with a HAMMER. Picture: Screeshot

Billy Bodle, 36, began experimenting with trick shots during the 2020 lockdown and quickly became addicted. He decided to pull off his most ambitious trick to date, scoring a basket from over 100 feet away using nothing but a basketball and a hammer.

He scored the perfect slam dunk.

It took him 500 attempts before he landed the basket, but the look of elation and screams of joy say it all. Special education teacher, football and basketball coach Billy, from Beverly Hills, near Detroit, Michigan, USA, said: “Some of us Trickshotters challenge each other to make shots.

@trickshktdav (my friend Davide) and I challenged each other to make this. We both made it (eventually lol). We try to make shots that have never been done before.

“Both power and accuracy were extremely tough for this shot. It was also physically exhausting hitting it over and over and coming so close so many times.” “It took over 400 attempts!

But I lost count lol.

Took about five hours. “I was literally shocked it went in. I planned a cool celebration but I just yelled. ‘Ahhhh’!!

And a perfect swish too! “I want people to take away that if you keep going and never give up you can accomplish anything. My shots are a metaphor for life to never give up and I want to inspire people to try things that they never thought possible.

“My Motto at the end of most of my vids is ‘Never give up’.”

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