Narissa Subramoney
Copy rewriter
2 minute read
31 May 2022
12:53 pm

WATCH: President Ramaphosa interacting with a Husky is the cutest thing

Narissa Subramoney

Is this the Presidential pooch? Watch this gorgeous Siberian Husky's moment with Cyril Ramaphosa.

Is this the first dog? Picture - TikTok

It’s not very often that politicians can successfully tug at the people’s heartstrings, but this video doing the rounds on TikTok shows what appears to be a gorgeous Siberian Husky, charming the stately socks off President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The heartwarming interaction between South Africa’s first citizen and this beautiful blue-eyed fur baby is just what we need, even if it only gives us 25 seconds of reprieve from the all the other drama unfolding around the president, including the latest Glencore scandal, the worsening unemployment crisis, the looming historical petrol price hike, and ANC gutter politics.

In the video, Ramaphosa noted an improvement in the canine’s demeanour after apparently losing its partner, while gently petting the Husky at his side.

The dog is also clearly enjoying the presidential petting, its eyes lazily rolling to the back of its head as Ramaphosa tenderly caresses the fur behind its ears.

We tried to get more information from the Presidency about Ramaphosa’s canine companion, I mean, is this the country’s first pooch?

But alas, South Africa is on fire with the aforementioned drama, so no doubt, the presidential comms team has more pressing media queries to attend to.

The latest scandal unravelling around Ramaphosa centres around his ties with the disgraced mining company, Glencore.

The company pleaded guilty in the US to bribery and market manipulation. Fraudulent tactics employed by Glencore have led to the company agreeing to pay a fine of more than R15 billion.

No doubt, we will soon see videos of Ramaphosa doing the usual: putting out fires, shaking hands with other heads of state, or explaining his Glencore ties before Parliament.

But for now, let’s just enjoy this rare and exceedingly sweet interaction between the president and the Husky who stole his heart.

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