3 training tips to help your baby crawl

Help your baby learn to crawl with these easy steps. 

Watching your baby grow in the first few months is a thrilling time, as they are continuously getting a little stronger, while learning a little more. It can also be a time when you might feel a little overwhelmed, as moms are always comparing the various stages their babies have “achieved”, be it teething, sitting or, the big one, crawling.

Crawling is a big move for your baby—and it can be a pretty moving experience for you, too. 

Babies generally start to crawl between 7 and 10 months, but every baby has their own timeline. There are, however, a few tricks you can use to help get your baby get to the crawling stage. Beyond building the core strength they need with tummy time, you can also try these three training tips:

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Give them a ‘springboard’: Place your arm on the floor behind your baby’s feet to give them something to push against. You can also lightly push their feet forward to help them get started.

Put one of their favorite toys just out of reach: Place some easy to grab toys, such as Rock-a-Stack rings, at different distances like targets to give your baby something to crawl toward!  

Be their crawling buddy:  Everything is more fun with a friend, right, so get on the floor and join them as they learn their first move towards getting around independently.


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