How to improve your neighbourhood’s collective safety in just 3 steps

By following these easy steps, you can make all the difference in improving your neighbourhood’s safety. 

Police officers, neighbourhood watch patrollers, law enforcement officers, and armed response officers work tirelessly to try to keep us, our families and our homes safe.

It is, however, also up to us to assist them in this mammoth task and this can be done quite easily on our part and in turn helps to make their job more effective. Here are three ways in which you can step up to the task:

Show support: We can assist police officers and law enforcement agencies by being aware of our surroundings and remaining vigilant. If you see something suspicious in your suburb, don’t keep quiet. Share information about crimes and criminals with the appropriate agency so that they can respond.

Stand together: Community solidarity and caring for our neighbours goes a long way in keeping each other safe, while improving the overall wellbeing of a suburb. This ‘team work’ approach can take many shapes and sizes – from formalised neighbourhood watch groups, all the way to WhatsApp messaging groups where people in a single street keep in contact with each other and share updates about public services advisories or other local bits of information that is useful.

Raise the alarm: Who better to immediately raise the alarm when someone is in some kind of distress, than a neighbour? By paying attention to your neighbours and your surrounding areas, you are more likely to notice a potentially dangerous situation and can call for help immediately.  

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