Sketchy Bongo hits the decks at Carnival City this June

Sketchy forms part of a creative collective in Durban called Wolf Pack, made up of local vocalists, rappers, kwaito artists, video directors and even graphic designers who are all working toward putting their city and province on the map.

Nothing gets music-lovers in the mood to dance quite like the masked persona which is Sketchy Bongo.

Armed with his turntables, he is headed for Carnival City on June 15.

The 27-year-old Yuvir Pillay, much better known to friends and fans as Sketchy, discovered music and his absolute love and passion for it at the tender age of just 13 years old.

As just a fresh-faced teen, he and his friend Arnold ‘Aewon Wolf’ Phillips and Slikour of Skwatta Kamp were producing beats and trying their hands at some hip-hop music.

A decade or so later Sketchy started uploading videos and songs to YouTube and in no time his music had spread like wildfire across YouTube and SoundCloud, accumulating thousands upon thousands of views and hits.

Why the mask? Sketchy said that, despite the fact that he is a major producer in the South African music scene, the mask helps him shy away from and avoid the spotlight a little.

The mask also came about just before a video shoot.

“Sketchy Bongo never had a ski mask. Sheen Skaiz, who I work with, was shooting a music video for a song he made — he had a ski mask in the car and I put it on as a prop and that became Sketchy Bongo,” he said.

Ironically, the mask has drawn even more fans to Sketchy because it is proof that this incredible producer is more focused on music than fame.

He admits to this himself, saying that his focus is on music, art and business.

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