5 night-blooming plants for an enchanting garden experience

Night-blooming plants are the perfect way to enhance any garden by engaging your senses into the evening hours.

When starting your garden, choose plants that put on their best show at night. The following night-blooming plants will help create a magical atmosphere in your garden.

These plants often have white flowers, which reflect light from the moonlighting, so they are good choices for moon gardens and will bloom and showcase themselves at night.

1. The evening rain lily

Scientifically known as the Zephyranthes drummondii, the rain lily often bursts into bloom in the late afternoon and evening, welcoming the night with a showy display of white lily-like flowers.

The interesting thing about the rain lily is that the flowers last 2-4 days before they turn pink and will pop up a day or two after rainfall, hence the name, evening rain lily. Their star-shaped blossoms will open up in response to evening moisture making them a perfect addition to your garden.

beautiful white rain lily flower blooming in rainy season

Image Credit: Unsplash

2. Gardenia flower

The gardenia flowers are a garden gem that adds an element of elegance to your garden at night. Thanks to their thick, glossy, dark green leaves and mesmerizing white blossoms, these are popular amongst gardeners who appreciate night-blooming flowers. Gardenia flowers may take some effort to grow but the rewards are worthwhile. They can bloom throughout the year in warm climates and prefer indirect sunlight.

Gardenia flower with silky white petals blooming in the garden

Image Credit: Pexels

3. Moonflower

This night-blooming flower knows how to put on a show. In the early evening, these delicate flowers will gracefully unfold from their spiralled buds. It is easy to grow and needs minimal care, but you must provide consistent moisture during the growing season. With floral scents, the flower prefers full sunlight perfect for warm climates.

Moonflower bush blooming at night under the moonlight

Image Credit: Unsplash

4. The night phlox (Zaluzianskya ovata)

The petals of the night phlox flowers are white with a dark maroon underside. These blossoms shimmer in the moonlight adding to your garden’s ethereal allure, creating a spectacular sight. They are a good choice for a sensory haven under the moon’s gentle glow. The flowers can be grown in well-drained large containers and need full sun to reach maturity. The small white blooms open in the evening, and close during the day, showing off their dark maroon underside backs.

The night phlox flower under partial shade at night.

Image Credit: Unsplash

5. Mock orange

Mock orange thrives even with minimal care, but their twiggy branches need regular pruning to help maintain their shape. These small shrubs will bloom and shimmer at night enchanting your garden. They emit an intoxicating orange-like fragrance at night, making your evening garden walks feel like a joy.

Mock orange bush tree blooming gracefully in the garden

Image Credit: Unsplash

Choosing night-blooming plants may seem joyful and exciting but maintaining some flowers will take hard work. Be ready to put in the work for an alluring garden.


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