Eyewitness recounts Krugersdorp plane crash (audio)

The plane which crashed in Krugersdorp yesterday killing two people, stalled twice in the air and dipped its nose before crashing into the ground, an eyewitness said.

Jonathan Thiel, and his colleague, whose offices are near the crash site, were some of the first people on the scene after the plane crashed, Krugersdorp News reported

“There is always a lot of air activity around our offices. I then heard a plane climbing up, but instead of the normal sound of climbing up I could hear there was a dip in the sound of the engine so I quickly popped my head out of the door at our offices,” said Thiel.

“And that is when I saw the plane starting to stall – the nose went forward and then I saw the power increasing again. He picked the nose up and then it looked like he stalled a second time at that point.”

Thiel added that the plane then rolled to the right and began diving before it crashed into the ground.

Thiel and his colleague then made their way to a hill outside their offices before moving down to the scene where they discovered the instructor and his student in the wreckage.

The accident reportedly happened around midday in the Munsieville area – about 2km outside of the Jack Taylor Airfield.

It was believed that the light aircraft crashed into the side of a ridge shortly after taking off.

The two bodies were later taken to a Roodepoort mortuary for a postmortem.

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– Caxton News Service

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