Gauteng family arrested after woman’s ‘cult murder’

Police say the woman's husband and two kids claim they had to perform an exorcism as she was demon-possessed.

A father (61), son (26), and daughter (24) were arrested in Evaton, Gauteng, on Monday, in connection with a ‘cult murder’. This is after the trio allegedly butchered and mutilated a 42-year-old woman in an attempt to cast out demons from her.

According to residents who live close to the family, the house was empty, with furniture moved outside before the trio performed the exorcism. When the police and medical services arrived on the scene, the murdered woman’s body was found swimming in a pool of blood – barely dressed.

Speaking to Sedibeng Ster, a resident who didn’t want to be named said: “What I saw is something I will never forget. When I got to the house, the woman was cut from the back of her head to her buttocks. She was in full blood. What surprised me was how the house had nothing in it, because they (the trio) didn’t want the demons they were casting out to remain in the furniture.

“I have never seen such a cold-hearted thing in our community. We are all left shocked. I didn’t sleep a wink.”

Another resident said she saw the father leaving his home at around 17:30, with blood all over him.

“I was mesmerised to see the old man in that state. He was walking around with a bloodied knife and had blood all over his clothes. Moments later, he came back with the police. The two kids from that house were taken into the van – also bloodied,” she added.

Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi confirmed the trio was arrested.

“The police arrested a family of three which include a father, daughter, and son after they reportedly killed his wife in Evaton. On July 10, the police were called to a murder scene by the father. Upon arrival, a body of a woman was found mutilated,” she said.

“The suspects allege that the victim who was their mother and wife to their father was demon-possessed and they were performing an exorcism procedure on her which required them to cut some part of her body,” she added.

Gauteng police commissioner Lieutenant-General Elias Mawela condemned the incident and urged the public to always seeks professional help such as psychological, spiritual, and social welfare services that is at their disposal within their communities.

The three suspects are expected to appear before the local magistrate’s court soon.

Police investigation continues.

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