Watch: Drone captures great white metres from Plett surfers

Plettenberg Bay digital creator Sharyn Hodges captures the amazing moment a shark and dolphins swim past surfers.

As seen in a viral video captured by Plettenberg Bay digital creator Sharyn Hodges, two local surfers were privy to an experience of a lifetime this weekend, where a great white shark swam right by them alongside a pod of dolphins.

The video has amassed more than 66 000 views on Instagram since Hodges posted it yesterday. “I am lost for words,” she said in her post. “I honestly thought I was going to witness a shark attack. I was shaking while taking footage and screaming (for what I have no idea).”

Yesterday morning, while out capturing footage with her drone, Hodges had spotted a pod of dolphins swimming off the coast of Plettenberg Bay, and in the process spotted a great white shark in the middle of the pod. The dolphins were circling the shark, diving under and over him, according to Hodges.

She then made a quick dash home to pick up a new battery for the drone, and flew it back out, but with no way of informing the surfers all she could do was watch and hope things didn’t take a bad turn. But, deep down, Hodges had a gut feeling that things would turn out okay.

“[I was] believing that the shark will do what I always thought it would, be curious and turn. And knowing that the dolphins were there as back-up. I really believed that this was something incredibly special that I was witnessing.”

Special it was, because as the shark approached the surfers the duo remained calm and didn’t panic, instead letting the magnificent creature swim around before heading off with the pod of dolphins acting as a sort of ‘chaperone’. “I am blown away by nature. Every single day I learn something new. Always surprising me.”

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