Hilux continues to dominate: Top 5 bakkies in September

The Japanese automaker's model remains a firm favourite among bakkie buyers in South Africa.

Toyota’s Hilux has retained the top spot for best-selling bakkies in Mzansi for September. Here are the Top 5 best-selling bakkies from the month.

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“Despite these challenging market conditions, the industry has displayed a modest yet commendable resilience in year-to-date new vehicle sales and export performance for September 2023. This resilience can be attributed to the relatively low production volumes, emanating from the 2022 flood-induced halts,” the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa says.

Toyota Hilux: 3 249

The Hilux has yet to be usurped in the monthly bakkie sales race, a performance akin to Redbull in this year’s F1 season. In August, Toyota reported selling 3 309 Hilux and exporting 6 863 units. A month later, the Hilux total sales figures dropped, with the total number of Hilux exported decreased by more than 1 000 units.

Ford Ranger: 2 413

Image: Ford.

While Toyota experienced a slight decline in local sales, Ford reported a slight increase in the total number of local sales (2 367 in August to 2 413 in September). This slight increase is juxtaposed against the dramatic decrease in the total number of exports which have decreased from 7 168 in August to 5 536 units in September.

Isuzu D-Max: 1 639

Image: Isuzu.

Maintaining third overall for the past three months, Isuzu’s D-Max has seen a slight fluctuation in sales and leaderboard position for the second half of the year so far. 

Nissan NP200: 997

Image: Nissan.

On death row and with an expiration date set for March 2024, the NP200 still produces sales figures that nip at the heels of the lowest podium title. This marks the first time in the last three months that the NP200’s sales have dipped below 1 000 units though.

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Mahindra Scorpio: 578

Image: Mahindra.

In July, Mahindra reported selling 662 units of its Scorpio model and exceeded that total in August by selling 701 models. The relatively affordable bakkie model has experienced a significant downturn in sales performance. 

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