Mercedes-Benz SA will invest R40m for EV charging stations

The firm has announced its plan to invest millions towards the installation of 127 Mercedes-Benz EQ branded charging stations.

The tri-star firm, Mercedes-Benz, hopes to expand its electric vehicle charging infrastructure in South Africa. To realise this goal, it has partnered with Chargify to expand the firm’s charging station infrastructure.

Mercedes has segmented its approach to infrastructure expansion into two phases. In the first phase, the automaker intends to complete the installation of 67 Mercedes-Benz EQ branded charging stations by the first quarter of 2024. While catering to the brand’s existing electric vehicle owners, Mercedes-Benz SA hopes to offer these charging stations to all electric vehicle owners and not just to Mercedes-Benz EV clients.

The automaker’s South Africa company has invested R15m for the first phase of the charging infrastructure expansion project.  

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“Mercedes-Benz South Africa is accelerating the pace of eMobility transformation within the automotive industry. Next to offering the most extensive and diverse all-electric vehicle portfolio in the market, we want to provide not only our customers but all EV drivers the luxury and peace of mind of a comprehensive charging network and with the installation of over 100 electric vehicle charging stations across South Africa fulfilling our strategic objectives of creating sustainable ecosystems in support of our all-electric strategy,” says co-CEO of Mercedes-Benz South Africa and executive director of Mercedes-Benz Cars Mark Raine.

charging stations
Image: Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

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Atop the R15m investment for the first phase of the charging infrastructure project, the company has pledged an additional R25m toward the second phase of the charging station infrastructure expansion. During the second phase of this project, the tri-star firm intends to install an additional 60 charging stations across SA, which will culminate in a total of 127 charging stations across South Africa. 

“The partnership with Chargify not only gives us the opportunity to grow the share of the local EV charging network but also reaffirms Mercedes-Benz South Africa’s ambition to expand its Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) portfolio. Our ESD programme is aimed at making a real and lasting impact towards the transformation of the country through the creation of sustainable and meaningful jobs,” explains Abey Kgotle, the executive director of human resources and corporate affairs at Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

charging stations
Image: Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

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