Chat with your Peugeot using ChatGPT

Peugeot introduces an innovative artificial intelligence feature that revolutionises the interaction between human and machine, and enhances the customer experience.

Peugeot leads the automotive industry by integrating ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence (AI), directly into its iconic i-Cockpit in its latest models. Accessible through the voice assistant “OK Peugeot”, ChatGPT sets new standards in customer service and engagement.

It will elevate the experience with Peugeot’s interactive innovation and set new benchmarks for passenger car technology.

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT harnesses vast data to provide precise and insightful responses, enhancing the driving experience.

ChatGPT’s capabilities extend beyond answering questions. From recommending landmarks to entertaining children with quizzes, the AI enriches every journey with its conversational prowess.

The eligible models for this technology are the new 208, 2008, the 308, 308SW, 408, 508, 508 SW, the E-3008, E-Rifter, E-Traveller, E-Partner, E-Expert and the soon-to-be-launched E-5008.

Peugeot customers can activate ChatGPT via the Peugeot service store, with a complimentary six-month trial period for the first 10 000 customers. User feedback will shape future deployments, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience for all eligible connected vehicle owners.

Source: QuickPic

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