Seventeen cars, three events: Red-Lined racing team goes full throttle

The Rally Raid is emerging as the ultimate challenge for rally drivers, and Red-Lined Motorsport is diving headfirst into the action. Read below to find out more.

April promises to be an adrenaline-fuelled month for Red-Lined Motorsport, with 17 cars primed to compete in three major rally raid events worldwide over the next three weeks. The team is gearing up for an intense journey spanning multiple continents and countries, including Portugal, Spain, Morocco and South Africa.

Team boss Terence Marsh affirms: “We have a packed April ahead of us! We’re facing an exhilarating challenge with three major races in four countries across two continents.”

The action kicks off with five crews racing in the third round of the World Rally Raid Championship in Portugal and Spain, starting on April 3. Rally Raid Portugal promises a unique five-day challenge across plains and bush terrain.

Next on the agenda is the Morocco Desert Challenge, known as the second biggest cross-country racing event after the Dakar. The event features diverse terrain spanning eight days of racing, including fast open sections, technical challenges, dunes, salt lakes and dry riverbeds. Red-Lined Motorsport is entering five cars in this gruelling competition, running from April 12 to 20.

Ready for the Nkomazi rally later this month.

Meanwhile, back in Africa, the team faces another challenge with the South African Championship Nkomazi 400. Scheduled for April 19 and 20, this two-day event overlaps with Morocco’s schedule. Red-Lined Motorsport is set to debut its eagerly awaited factory V6 turbo powered T1+ Revo GT-R, with seven cars lined up for the opening round of the fiercely competitive South African Rally Raid championship.

Marsh emphasises: “April is a monumental month for Red-Lined Motorsport and our partners worldwide. Seventeen cars are revved up and ready to conquer thousands of racing kilometres across challenging terrains.”

As the team braces for this thrilling adventure, Marsh acknowledges the tests ahead, but expresses confidence in the team’s readiness to tackle whatever challenges the sport throws their way.

Source: MotorsportMedia / Photos: Red-Lined Motorsport


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