Lower mileage vs newer car: Choosing the right used car

Used car buyers face a dilemma - older car, lower mileage - or newer car, higher mileage? We explore the best option for you.

When one has to choose between buying an older versus a newer car, the experts at getWorth believe that the mileage element always wins the argument.

Experts recommend prioritising lower mileage over a newer car. While a newer model might seem tempting, lower mileage usually translates to:

  • Better mechanical condition: Less wear and tear on parts means a potentially more reliable car.
  • Improved cosmetics: Lower mileage cars often have fewer exterior scuffs and interior wear.

Let the data advise

Market data shows car prices reflect both age and mileage. A slightly older car with significantly lower mileage could be priced the same as a newer one with higher mileage.

Beyond mileage, consider these

  • Warranty: A remaining manufacturer’s warranty can offer peace of mind and cost savings.
  • Service history: A well-maintained car, regardless of age or mileage, is preferable.

The choice is yours

While lower mileage is generally favoured, consider your priorities. A newer car might be the better option if a warranty and the latest tech are crucial. Ultimately, understanding your needs and the car’s history is important.

Source: MotorPress


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