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Thato Mahlangu
1 minute read
16 Feb 2017
9:31 am

Gang of hijackers targets Pretoria East motorists looking for sex

Thato Mahlangu

The majority of hijackings occur when motorists engage with unknown women on the side of the road.

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There has been an increase in hijackings in Sunnyside, police have warned.

Police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said a group of three armed men were believed to be targeting motorists, the Rekord East reports.

“In the latest incident Tuesday, a motorist, driving a VW Golf 6R, was allegedly hijacked after he stopped on the side of the road to answer his cellphone,” said Mavimbela.

The hijacking occurred on the corner of Park and Leyds streets.

Mavimbela said the intersection is known to be frequented by sex workers.

Mavimbela said sex workers were allegedly working with the hijackers by luring motorists into traps.

The driver was reportedly robbed of his bank cards, cellphone and forced to share his PIN codes.

He was then dumped in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria.

“The majority of hijackings occur when motorists engage with unknown women on the side of the road.”

Station commander Brigadier Ntshieng Kekana said Sunnyside police were working hard to arrest the group.

“We discourage motorists from engaging with the ladies who stand on the pavements, especially after sunset,” said Mavimbela.

“However, some motorists claim they have the right to stop and talk to anyone they choose, and they say our actions amount to harassment.”

Brigadier Kekana said victims were also often lured into the local flats like Tambotie on Leyds Street.

He said while victims were engaging with the sex workers, the group would appear and rob the clients of their possessions.

Other crime spots are Stanza Bopape, Park, Leyds, Francis Baard, Pretorius,Wessels, Johann and Farenden streets.

– Caxton News Service

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