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Maritza van Zyl
1 minute read
7 Mar 2017
12:39 pm

Dog cruelly shot with pellet gun

Maritza van Zyl

'When I went outside, all I saw was blood. He then ran to me.'

Klaus's injury caused by the pellet. Photo: Facebook

A dog owner in Culemborg Park, Randfontein, is furious after her beloved pitbull was shot with a pellet gun on the weekend.

The incident took place at about 10pm on Sunday, Randfontein Herald reported.

An emotional Joanne Muller, the owner, spoke to Herald on Monday, saying she posted the incident on social media, and residents were fuming.

“My dog, named Klaus, is just over a year old. That Sunday evening he was, as always, in the backyard. When I went outside, all I saw was blood. He then ran to me,” Muller said.

She added that she first thought it was one of the palm trees that had injured Klaus, but she soon found the pellet embedded in his neck. Muller immediately called Dr Hendrik Johannes Naude of the Randfontein Animal Hospital, who assisted her over the phone.

“May the person who did this never have animals or children. I hope this person never sleeps – SIC.”

Muller said they had high walling around the house and her dogs and children never left her property. Muller battled to stop Klaus’ bleeding for two hours.

On social media, one resident mentioned section 120 of the Firearms Control Act [66 of 2000].

He advised residents who experience this type of incident to report the matter to the police.

On Tuesday morning, Muller told the Herald that Klaus is doing well, and expressed her gratitude to Dr Naude for all his assistance

– Caxton News Service

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