Rod Skinner
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8 Mar 2017
3:06 pm

Badly wounded driver eludes deadly ambush and dashes for safety

Rod Skinner

At least 21 rounds had hit the vehicle in the alleged well-planned ambush.

Shell Ultra City.

Despite being seriously injured, a Newcastle-based businessman managed to elude a deadly ambush and make a dash for safety at the nearby Ultra City in KwaZulu-Natal, Ladysmith Gazette reports.

Vehicle shot at.

Vehicle shot at.

The driver, a business owner who was accompanied by his wife, had just reached the Estcourt turnoff on the R103 when a vehicle pulled up next to them, and gunmen inside opened fire, riddling the driver’s side door with bullets.

The wife was unhurt as a hail of bullets pounded into the driver’s side door. Her husband was not so lucky, being hit at least four times, with several bullets hitting him in the legs.

Realising that if he stopped they would most likely be killed, the husband braved his pain and sped towards the N3 motorway, turning down the off-ramp several kilometres further on, and the pursuing hijackers continued straight towards Bergville.

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Once on the highway, the businessman drove for the nearest garage that was the Shell Ultra City.

Paramedics and police rushed to the scene, and the businessman was treated for multiple gunshot wounds, and his wife was treated for shock.

Altogether, 21 rounds had hit the vehicle, with most hitting the driver’s door.

“It is a common tactic by hijackers to fire low into the driver’s side door, as they hope to hit the driver’s legs and bring the targeted vehicle to a halt,” explained a police officer who declined to be named.

The driver was rushed to La Verna Hospital by paramedics, where he is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove several bullets.

– Caxton News Service

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