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10 Mar 2017
2:17 pm

Durban man brutally assaulted with pickaxe handle

CNS Reporter

Nine stitches to the top of Warren's head were made after he was struck on the head.

Warren is appealing for any witnesses who viewed the brutal assault to come forward.

A Glenhills man was brutally assaulted by a man wielding a pickaxe on Umhlanga Rocks Drive, north of Durban, Northglen News reports.

Warren McAllister.

Warren McAllister.

Warren McAllister said he had nine stitches to the top of his head after being struck with the handle (which was covered in metal) of the pickaxe. He also suffered severe bruises to his back, legs and upper body.

McAllister has opened a case of assault at the Greenwood Park Police Station. He has now taken to social media to appeal for witnesses to come forward.

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“I was beaten all over but luckily survived the attack. I can’t speak about the circumstances of the case but it appears more severe than just your normal assault. An inch the other way would have broken my spine, another hit to the head most probably would have killed me. I need people to share this with people they think might have been in the area on that date that could have witnessed this. I also want to warn people to be very careful out there, I was lucky to survive this. The next person might not be so lucky,” he said.

In November last year, two men assaulted a driver on Umhlanga Rocks Drive. The men were allegedly working for a well-known La Lucia businessman.

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