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17 Mar 2017
2:05 pm

PTA prophet terrorised by snakes day and night

Stephen Selaluke

The fact that she is a prophet makes people think the snakes are hers, she says.

Susan Mahlangu lives in fear of snakes.

Susan Mahlangu, from Thabeng ye Kgolo, in Mamelodi East, lives in fear of being bitten by snakes, Pretoria East Rekord reports.

The 51-year-old said the snakes crawled into her house any time of the day or night.

Mahlangu said her problem started when the Tshwane metro relocated her to Skierliek from Extension 11 in 2015.

She said she suspected there was a nest of snakes around her new home. Mahlangu, who is a prophet, said she had never been happy about the stand the metro had given her.

She said because of her work she had asked for a stand at the back of the village but was sent from pillar to post by city officials.

“Finally, I was given a stand at the back, but it had big rocks and that is when problems started,” she said.

She said a week after moving into the area, she saw a cobra crawling out of the rocks in her backyard and killed it immediately.

“The next week a cobra went after a rat and disappeared under my bed. I thought this was because the place was new and they would be gone soon, but I was fooling myself.”

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She said she had killed a snake every month, and everyday a new one was seen either in her shack or among the big rocks in her backyard.

Mahlangu, who stayed with her daughter’s two children said: “Earlier this year she hired a contractor to work on her floor and as soon as he removed the carpet he found a big snake and he ran,” said Mahlangu.

“He immediately rolled back the carpet and said ‘thank you for the job’ and left. He was terrified,” she said.

Mahlangu said she asked the neighbours to kill the snake for her.

“They came but did not enter the shack. I later heard some saying because I was a prophet, the snake was mine. Why would I call people to come help me and embarrass myself if the snake was mine?”

She has asked the metro to move her, but has had no success. She says she desperately need help and wanted to be moved to a safer place.

Hencke Marais, a snake expect at the Tshwane nature reserve said this was not unusual because snakes hid under rocks.

“This is not a unique situation. Maybe the snakes are there because of a mating season and remember she was moved to a place full of rocks,” said Marais.

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