Sherryn de Vos
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24 Mar 2017
3:38 pm

The secret’s out: Tinder has a ‘VIP version’

Sherryn de Vos

Unless you are a celebrity, a multimillionaire or a model, you can’t be on it! Unless you're really popular, that is...

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The app for swiping left or right has taken the dating world by storm. Since its inception in 2012, it has reported reaching a billion swipes a day. The concept is simple; sign up, create a short profile for yourself with recent pictures, and start swiping. For the last six months, however, a very select number of people have been swiping on a secret version of the app.

Tinder for the rich and famous

This version of the app is designed as an elite, “invite-only” dating service that is apparently integrated with the original app. Members can simply choose between the Select platform, or swipe back to the normal “cattle class” version. The exclusivity of this platform means the number of members on this version is somewhat low. They therefore need the option of being able to choose between the platforms and open up their search fields.

It has been reported that the members on this version vary between multimillionaire businesspeople, internet influencers, celebrities and models. Should you not have a foot in with any of these, the chances of you being invited to join Tinder Select is very low. Tinder has, however, stated that people who do really well on the app can also be shifted to the exclusive app.

They have established a series of algorithms, tracking members on the app. There could be a chance for certain members who seem to be more popular, and receive a large number of right swipes. Based on their popularity, they could earn themselves a place on Tinder Select. These people could then find themselves landed in a pool of reality TV stars, local celebrities and the CEO of a large tech company in their city.

What are the differences?

So, what do the rich and beautiful see when they log on? According to TechCrunch, who managed to get their hands on a screenshot, it looks a lot more exclusive. The orange flame has been replaced by a blue corporate looking S. The general accent has also been changed to a navy blue. This layer of the app will only include A-list members, so is incredibly limited.

The response to VIP tinder

The fact that the company has kept this a secret for as long as six months hints at the fact that they were never going to announce it. There may be waves of controversy among Tinder users who feel they should be nominated for the exclusive spot. It is also expected to create a backlash, questioning why there is a need to single out exclusive members. It is not the first time, however, that an app has been created for A-listers. There have been numerous competitors, including Raya, The League, and VIBee, a higher-tiered form of Bumble.

There has been no comment made from Tinder on the matter.

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