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27 Mar 2017
9:41 am

Durban fire burns out on third day

CNS Reporter

Firefighters worked to contain the fire and allow wax to burn out.

Durban fire.

The Durban fire that extended into its third day on Sunday, which had started on Friday morning was successfully contained, officials say, Northglen News reports.

Hay removed.

Hay removed.

As the inferno continued into a third day, pictures on social media showed diminished plume emanating from the site.

Firefighters successfully removed all the highly explosive material from the Rossburgh warehouse yesterday. Hay bales and ammonium were stored in the building, and firefighters with warehouse employees, worked furiously through Friday night to separate the flammable materials from the flames.

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Saturday saw the hay and ammonium removed from the building, by then it was not clear when the flames were going to be completely extinguished, but firefighters worked to keep the fire contained and allow the wax that is already on fire, to burn out.

Garrith Jamieson, from Rescue Care said: “A third person was injured on Saturday. A firefighter was treated for inhalation burns and dehydration by paramedics before being transported to hospital for further treatment.”

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