Bianca Pindral
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5 Apr 2017
4:38 pm

Friends assaulted, set on fire after rape

Bianca Pindral

The victims were set alight by the suspects in an open field and left to die.

Photo: File Photo/ Bianca Pindral

Two people in their mid-30s died after they were kidnapped, assaulted and set alight by a group of suspects on the West Rand, Krugersdorp News reports.

It is alleged that the two victims were walking home with a group of friends when a taxi hit the male victim and drove away. The group of friends allegedly assisted the victim, as he was injured.

One of the friends chased after the taxi and told the driver to return to the scene. An altercation then ensued between the taxi driver and the friends of the victim. After the argument, the group of friends left the victim with a female friend. He and the woman were then loaded into the taxi, which left the scene. The woman believed that they were taking the man to hospital.

The suspects then drove to an open field, where they took both individuals out of the taxi and allegedly began to assault them. The woman was then raped while the male victim was allegedly watching. The suspects then set both victims on fire and left the scene.

Both victims sustained critical injuries, but they managed to escape and make their way to hospital. Unfortunately, they both died.

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The Kagiso police have arrested seven suspects since the incident. They are under investigation for murder, rape, and reckless and negligent driving. They will appear in front of the Krugersdorp Magistrates’ Court.

Major-General Anna Mateisi, the West Rand Cluster commander,W applauded the officers for their dedication and hard work. She also encouraged the community to work hand in hand with the police, especially by giving anonymous tip-offs.

“It is through the assistance of the community that these arrests were possible,” said Lucky Matome, the spokesperson for the West Rand Cluster.

“You can tell that the people of the West Rand are fed up with crime. Please continue to help the police with tip-offs and we will ensure that the fight against crime continues.”

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