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9 May 2017
4:10 pm

Motorist follows intuition and avoids life-threatening situation

Citizen Reporter

While the woman was driving, a man allegedly jumped out with a gun and began to approach her vehicle.

The suspect's vehicle has reportedly been identified as a repossessed car.

A resident in Bryanston, north of Johannesburg, was able to think quickly and avoid an incident that could have taken her life, Sandton Chronicle reports.

The woman was at a coffee shop in Lonehill, wearing a Rolex watch, and noticed a staff member looking at her unusually, and she became suspicious. The woman, however, left in her white BMW and drove towards Crawford College to drop off her children for a hockey tour.

She pulled into her Bryanston complex and a silver VW vehicle came up from behind and parked near her vehicle. A man allegedly jumped out with a gun and began to approach the victim’s vehicle.

The quick-thinking woman was able to react, managed to reverse her vehicle and get away.

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Andre Snyman, from eBlockwatch, said: “This is a major crime trend we are seeing, and we urge members of the public to be on the lookout, especially when leaving shopping malls. A spotter will be checking on them. We see this more with staff members in shopping malls who notice expensive jewellery and alert the criminals.

“We have even had a few incidents and evidence of staff members at Checkers who alert these spotters when a person buys dairy products, especially milk, as they know they will need to be driving home soon, which means they will be a perfect candidate for criminal activity.”

No injuries were sustained and the VW vehicle’s registration belonged to a bank’s repossessed car.

Snyman concluded: “These criminal activities are a major concern to us all such that we have a follow me home system we are putting in place to protect us all. Thankfully, this lady was an excellent driver and was able to use her intuition, which probably saved her life.”


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