Orrin Singh
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15 May 2017
5:42 pm

WATCH: Man safely rescued from island in KZN river

Orrin Singh

The man was stranded overnight on an island.

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Two successful rescue operations were performed on Monday in the Amatigulu area in KwaZulu-Natal after medical teams and search and rescue units worked together, the Zululand Observer reports.

A 50-year-old man was rescued after he was stranded overnight on an island in the Matigulu River and couldn’t get back to safety.

Paul Herbst from IPSS Medical Rescue said: “Their aquatic team, together with Umhlali and Empangeni K9 Search Rescue Aquatic Team, successfully pulled off the operation by securing a line across the river to enable the survivor to cross to safety.

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The man was taken to a local clinic to undergo a medical examination.

Meanwhile a second rescue operation was undertaken by IPSS Search and Rescue where a child was brought down to safety from a tree after being trapped by a flash flood in the Matigulu River as well.


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